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BAU Barcelona. Arquitectura i Urbanisme - Prof. Joan Busquets
  • 2019 - Lecture of "Regular city: Construction of Ideas Past and Future" at Stubbins, Harvard GSD, April 16th in Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
    2019 - Lecture of "Regular city: Construction of Ideas Past and Future" at the Golosmith Hall of the University of Texas at Austin, February 25th in Austin, TX, U.S.A.
    2019 - Lecture of "Barcelona: la construcció compacta d'una ciutat" at the COAC College of Architects of Catalonia, February 11th in Barcelona, Spain.
    2019 - Lecture of "Regular city: Construction of Ideas Past and Future" at the Frederick P. Rose Auditorium of Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, February 7th in New York, N.Y, U.S.A.
  • 2018 - Lecture of “The values of the City” at the "Urbtopia, the possible cities" at the Pontevedra Museum, December 20th in Pontevedra, Spain.
    2018 - Lecture of "Toulouse, Open Métropole and Smart City", at the conference "Toulouse tomorrow" at the 50th Cobaty Toulouse, November 15th in Toulouse, France.
    2018 - Lecture of “Urban Impacts & Design in World Expo” at the First World Expo Forum for Developement and International Cooperation, 13th December in Shanghai, China.
    2018 - Lecture of "The City of the Future" at the Lectio Magistralis of the Auditorium Palazzo Blu, November 21st in Pisa, Italy.
    2018 - Lecture of "Urban planning: What perspectives for Toulouse, Los Angeles or New York? Spread or vertical density?" at the 1st Forum of Architecture et Urbanism - Toulouse 2030, October 13th in Toulouse, France.
    2018 - Lecture of " Architectural and urbanistic impact" in the 16th Humane Alumni Network Seminar 2018 "Univercité/y" at Université Toulouse Capitol 1, September 28th and 29th in Toulouse, France.
    2018 - Lecture of "Avignon - Avignon Confluence" at the 3ème Forum des projets Urbains de la Méditerranée FPUMED 2018, Hôtel de Ville de Montpellier, September 28th in Montpellier, France.
    2018 - Lecture of "Plans versus Projects? Plans and Projects" at the UDRI Lecture Series -Mumbai Reader 18 at the Visitors' Centre, September 10th in Fort, Mumbai, India.
    2018 - Lecture of "Designing Equitable Cities" at the Kala Academy, September 6th in Goa, India.
    2018 - Lecture of "The New Challenges of Urbanism in the 21st Century" at the Cycle "The construction of the Future Cities" at the Palau Macaya, July 3rd in Barcelona, Spain
    2018 - Lecture of “Old city center: between history and future. Reshuffling the Public space” LUCI Lighting Urban Community International - City under Microscope Toulouse, 24th May in Toulouse, France
    2018 - Lecture of “150 Years of «Urbanization», the science of making cities”, GSD at Harvard University, 4th April, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
    2018 - Lecture of "Toulouse centre-ville. Renforcement du centre historique avant l'arrivée de la LGV" during the "Les Rendez-vous métropolitains" at the Cité de l'Architecture, 14th March in Paris, France
    2018 - Lecture of "Barcelona, Metropolis of Cities" during the "Hemson Simpson Lectures Series" at Ryerson University Architecture School, 8th March in Toronto, Canada
  • 2017 - Lecture of "Smart city et urbanisme, le nouveau visage de la ville de demain" at the 6ème Forum Futurapolis, 25th November in Toulouse, France.
    2017 - Lecture of "Avignon - Avignon Confluence" at the 17e Forum des projets Urbains, Palais des Confès, 14th November in Paris, France.
    2017 - Keynote presentation "Sharing urban space" at the Eurocities Mobility Forum, at Toulouse Métropole, 16th October in Toulouse, France.
    2017 - Lecture of "Why the regularity of good cities?" at the XXIV International Seminar on Urban Form ISUF 2017, 27th September in Valencia, Spain
    2017 - Lecture of "Railway groove, challenge of the metropolisation of the Grand Nancy" at the 24th International Architecture Week, SIA 2017 from the 3rd till 9th June at the École National Superieure d'Architecture ENSA Nancy, rd till 9th June in Nancy, France
    2017 - Lecture of "New Issues for the Future of the City: Barcelona Metropolis of Cities" at the Spring 2017 Lecture Series at the Illinois School of Architecture, 5th April at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 14th of April in Chicago. USA
    2017 - Lecture of "Urbanistic Challenges in the XXI Century" at the Colloque interuniversitaire urbain/Interuniversity Urban Conference (CIU/IUC), 17th March in Montréal, Canada
    2017 - Lecture of "Designing cities, Envisioning the future" at the Open Session on Landscape, 14th March in Florence, Italy
  • 2016 - "Lecture of ""the legacy of the urban project"" at the Emeritus Celebration Prof. Marcel Smets at the Belgian Royal Academy, 13th December in Brussels, Belgium"
    2016 - Lecture of "Prospects for 2050 - Further development of European Cities" at the 2nd European Congress - “European Cities and their Heritage” 8th December in Berlin, Germany
    2016 - Lecture of "Projet urbain et conservation du patrimoine: perspectives contradictoires?"  at La Biennale Européenne du patrimoine urbain 2016 , 12th November  in Toulouse, France
    2016 - Lecture of "Le canal en projet" at the conference "Canal du Midi, au cœur de Toulouse, patrimoine de l'UNESCO", 10th November in Toulouse, France
    2016 - Lecture of "Art cities: Local heritage with global value. A challenge for Venice" for the International Workshop "Sustainability of local commons with a global value: the case of Venice and its laggon" at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 4th November in Venezia, Italy
    2016 - Lecture of “Global dissemination of the Barcelona paradigms” at the Exhibition: “The future of the City: Barcelona, metropolis of cities”, GSD at Harvard University, 26th October, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
    2016 - Lecture at the "Progetto e governo della città. Giornata di studi su Bruno Gabrielli" at the Palazzo Tursi, 13th of October Genoa, Italy
    2016 - Lecture of "Razones de la regularidad en la buena forma urbana" at the I Congreso Hispánico ISSUF-H "Forma urbana: pasado, presente y perspectivas", 15th and 16th September in Toledo, Spain
    2016 - Keynote Speaker at the "Adaptitive reuse - The Modern Movement Towards the Future" for the 14th International DOCOMOMO Conference, 7th September in Lisbone, Portugal
    2016 - Lecture of " Le siège de l’UNESCO dans l’urbanisme parisien, au regard du développement actuel de Paris" for the "70e anniversaire de la Commission nationale française pour l’UNESCO, le siège de l’Unesco: une architecture moderne à Paris, 1st June in Paris, France
    2016 - Lecture of "UNESCO un enclave urbain au centre de Paris " at the Académie d'Architecture de France, 7th April in Paris, France
    2016 - Lecture of "Urban Architecture: Present and Future" for the Conference "Ramon Maria Puig - arxiu 1964.2015" at L'Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs de la Diputació de Lleida i el Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, 15th January in Lleida, Spain
  • 2015 - Lecture of  "Hybrid Networks - sacred itineraries towards Santiago & Finisterre" at ETS d'Arquitectura, 21st December in Barcelona, Spain
    2015 - Lecture of "The possible city" at the UNESCO International Conference on "Culture for Sustainable Cities",10th December in Hangzhou, China
    2015 - Lecture of "Urbains projects in Toulouse and elsewhere" at the Toulouse Patrimoine d'Avenir, 8th October in Toulouse, France
    2015 - Lecture of "Urbanism of the Architecture" at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Aquitectura de Barcelona, 2nd October in Barcelona, Spain
    2015 - Lecture of "Cities And Urban Plans: Evolution And New Paradigms" at the HKIA  CADSA Cross-strait Architectural Design Awards 2015, 25th - 27th March in Hong Kong
    2015 - Lecture of "The possible city" at the CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, 2nd July in Barcelona, Spain
    2015 - Catàleg "Metrópolis Barcelona" by AMB. 22nd April in Barcelona, Spain
    2015 - Lecture of "New horizons of urban metropolitan" by AMB. 17th April in Barcelona, Spain
    2015 - 1st  Conference on Metropolitan Governance and territorial competitiveness at UPC 13th March inBarcelona, Spain
    2015 - Lecture of "The Future of the Metropolis" at the Nits de Diàlegs, 27th February in  Sant Joan Despí, Spain
  • 2014 - Lecture of "Waterfront Design: Opportunities for Creating Innovative Spaces for the Cities" at the Fengxian Shanghai 2014 Urban Design International Symposium,  14th January in Fengxian Shanghai, China
    2014 - Lecture of "The Design and Management of the City in the new city dynamics" at the IV Atlantic Thinking Seminar, March in  Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain
    2014 - Lecture of "Designing Cities, Envisioning the Future" at the Spring 2014 Architecture Lecture Series at the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley, 12th March in Berkeley, San Francisco, USA.
    2014 - Lecture of "Barcelona: Retrofitting European Cities" at the Urban Design Committe of Boston Society of Architects
    2014 Lecture Series, 8th May in Boston, USA.
    2014 - Lecture of "London and Barcelona: two extraordinary Post-Olympic Legacies" at the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya, 27th May in Barcelona, Spain
    2014 - Lecture of “Cities are still the future" at the International Seminar on the Architecture of Accelerated Urbanization, at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing Univerity, 6th and 7th June in Nanjing, China.
    2014 - Lecture of “Building an Urban Theory for the LUB" at "The vision of Manuel Solà-Morales: Roots for a Twenty First Century Urbanism" , 10th October at the GSD Harvard University in Cambridge, MA,  U.S.A.
  • 2013 - Lecture of “One city-Ambitions and plans” in MIPIM 2013 14th March in Cannes, France
    2013 - Lecture of “Border, Edges and Centers: Few examples” in the 5th Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Bi-City 12th-13th May in Shenzhen and in Hong Kong, China
    2013 - Lecture of "Contemporary Chinese Cities:Fostering Public Life" at the Thinking Architecture Tsinghua Forum at Tsinghua School of Architecture,  19th May in Tsinghua, China
    2013 - Lecture of "visie op de openbare ruimte/ vision of public space - Spoorzone Delft" at the UNESCO-IHE, May 23rd , Delft, The Netherlands
    2013 - Lecture of "Barcelona: metròpoli expansiva o indecisió metropolitana" at the Cicle Lliçons sobre Barcelona d'Arquitectes per l'Arquitectura amb l'Ateneu Barcelonès, 13th June, Barcelona, Spain
    2013 - Lecture of “25 years acknowledging best practices in urban design” at the Veronica Rudge Green Prize, GSD Harvard University,  14th June in Cambridge, USA.
    2013 - Lecture of "Overview of urban development projects Toulouse Métropole", at the Comité de Direction de Tisséo Epic, 20th June in Toulouse, France
    2013 - Lecture of  "Toulouse, how to reinvent downtown?" at Espaces Vanel, 10th September in Toulouse, France
    2013 - Lecture of "“Plans or Projects: Cities need both of them" at the 10th Biennial of European Town and Town Planners, 20th of September in Cascais, Portugal   
    2013 - Lecture of “Transforming Site Methodologies” at the Seminar on Site Methodologies by Aalborg University at the Utzon Centre, 26th September in Aalborg, Denmark
    2013 - Lecture of  "Recent Projects and Certain Ideas for Barcelona" at Copenhagen University, 27th September in Copenhagen, Denmark
    2013 - Lecture of "Bacelona, beyond" at COAC, 17th
    2013 - Lecture of "Models of town facing the social crises" at the Internacional Congress of Environmental Psychology 2013: "Hybrid spaces, human spaces, for a 'viable' future: revisiting Environmental Psychology", 23rd Octobre in Barcelona, Spain
    2013 - Lecture of "Les différentes échelles du Projet Urbain" at the «27ème édition de Rendez-Vous de l’Architecture – 7ème édition du Prix Architecture », Ordre des Architectes,  21st November in Toulouse, France
    2013 - Lecture of "The citizen child: the child and the city" at the 4th Meeting City & Handicap  "The handicapped child: a child among others in the city", 26th November in Toulouse, France
    2013 - Lecture of "L'enfant citoyen: l'enfant et la ville" at the 4èmes Rencontres Ville & Handicap "L'enfant handicapé: un enfant parmi les autres dans la ville", 26th November in Toulouse, France
    2013 - Lecture of "The Metropolitan Urban Master Plan. preliminary work" at the Spanish Union Day of architects planners group “Building a metropolitan planning”, 29th November in Barcelona, Spain                                      
  • 2012 - Lecture of “Histoire de la ville, les espaces publics entre patrimoine et modernité” in the Colloque-débat "Espaces publics urbains et patrimoine" in Genève, Suisse
    2012 - Lecture of “Toulouse, Centre Ville : un passé riche avec un grand futur “, Le centenaire de la CICF Midi Pyrénées « le centenaire d’une branche professionnelle » in Toulouse, France
    2012 - Lecture of “Territoires de projet, potentiels inexploités, contraintes, complexités et ambitions” in Colloque Ambitions Urbaines ANABF in Lyon, France
    2012 - Lecture of  "El Destino de la Ciudad Fustrada" in the “Mutación y Proyecto en Espacio_Ciudad Mediterráneo” in the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
    2012 - Lecture of “Toulouse Center”, in the 12e Forum des projets urbains,  Association of Architects, in Paris, France
    2012 - Lecture of  “Urban Processes" at The Stockholm Association of Architects and The Urban Academy of The Architecture School at The Royal School of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
    2012 - Lecture of “Infraestructura y Vivienda para Construir Mejores Ciudades”, in the 28º Congreso Interamericano de la industria de la construcción,  CAPECO Cámara Peruana de la Construcción, in Lima, Peru
    2012 - Lecture of  “Setting conditions for the future cities. Changing times: Spoorzone, Delf”, in the Urbanism Week. Second Hand Cities. Re-scaling the city: Infrastructures as new geographies, Polis II platform for urbanism, in Delf, The Netherlands
    2012 - Lecture of “Suburban Centers: Decentralisation or Re-centralisation”, in the Suburban Design Seminar. Future of Post-War Neighbourhoods, World design Capital Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland
    2012 - Lecture of “The Smart Cities Opportunity”, in the First Steering Committee Meeting, The European House - Ambrosetti, in Milano, Italy
    2012 - Lecture of "Cerimonia di consegna dei lavori all’Impresa" at the sede di via Piave in Trento, Italy
    2012 - Lecture of "The rail station as new centralities for the future", in the European Seminar for Leading Landscape Architects and Cities,  Street-days, in  the City of  De Waag, Leiden, The Netherlands
    2012 - Lecture of “L'urbanisme des grandes villes européenes“,  Un point sur le monde qui vient,  Café Metropole - Grand Toulouse, in Toulouse, France
    2012 - Lecture of  “Forma Urbis. Cinco Ciudades Bajo Sospecha” Josep Parcerisa Bundó. Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya. 4Th of December, (Spanish)
    2012 - Lecture of “Barcelona Urban Development: Learning Lab”, 2012 ACSA International Conference,  Asca-arch, Barcelona, Spain
    2012 - Lecture of  “Start bouw Hasselaerhof”, Uitnodiging- Stadgenoot, Stadgenoot in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    2012 - Lecture of  “How Cities Can Be Better: New Emerging Urbanistic Culture”, in the Open Week,   AA- Architectural Association School of Architects in London, United Kingdom
    2012 - Lecture in Congrès de l'IFOU  ETSAB in Barcelona, Spain
    2012 - Lecture of "Espai públic, una necessitat social" in the Pavelló Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2011 - ETSAB, Nova Cultura Urbanística Emergent, Barcelona
    2011 - Lecture of ¨Quel centre ville pour une métropole européenne¨ Club de l'Immobilier de Toulouse, in Toulouse, France
    2011 - Lecture of "Designer role in changing times: Few remarks from the practical research" in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "New tools for designing the cities" in the CUHK of Hong Kong, China
    2011 - Lecture of "Urban transformation and Civic Spaces" in Tillburg, The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "Las Estrategias de la Ciudad en el Siglo XXI" in A Coruña, Spain
    2011 - Lecture of "Grand Plans/ Everyday Life: le Grand Paris" in the Atlanta Beltline Symposium in Atlanta, USA
    2011 - Lecture of "Strategies for the city in the 21st Century" in the Town Hall of A Coruña in A Coruña, Spain
    2011 - Debate for Copenhagen Urban Challenge in the Danish Architectuer Center in Copenhagen, Denmark
    2011 - Lecture: "Open Space: driver for the Urban Quality"  Architectuurcafé: debate on the quality of public space. With Joan Busquets, Maike van Stiphout and Paul Achterberg in Amersfoort, The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "Strategies for recentering the Centre" Debate on the work of Busquets in The Hague in the presence of Joan Busquets, a. o. Frits van Dongen and Kees Rijnboutt. Theme: "Function and design of the public space in relation with the building". In Falta
    2011 - Lecture of "Open Space: An European Approach?"  in the Symposium Spatial Vibrations "A future vision on the city in 2060 from various expert points of view" in Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "Notes on new Emerging Urbanism" Debate of "Things could be better" Urban design  for tomorrow, debate in cooperation with the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "Barcelona's Story: Designing across scales"  On Joan Busquets's design practice and his views on social issues. In Rotterdam NAI, The Netherlands
    2011 - Lecture of "Designing the city in the 21st century: selection of examples" CUHK, Hong Kong, China
  • 2010 - “Urban Restructuring in Barcelona” in HongKong, China.
    2010 - Keynote Speaker of RICS Conference 2010. “Public Private Participation in Waterfront Development” in Hong Kong, China.
    2010 - Lecture in the City of Ámsterdam “How infrastructure becomes´Urban´…”
    2010 - Lecture for Congrés Cerdà Postmetròpolis, Barcelona CCCB.
    2010 - III Seminario Atlántico de Pensamiento “la vida que viene.” Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain.
    2010 - Lecture in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Arcitecture, Hong Kong, China.
    2010 - Forum FSU-SIA: « Habiter la forte densité : le retour de l’ilôt ? » invitation à intervenir comme conférencier, Lausanne, Swissland.
  • 2009 - Lecture in Politecnico di Milano.
    2009 - Lecture at Symposium Colloque La Ville Sensuelle.
    2009 - Lecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.
    2009 - Conference in University International Catalunya.
    2009 - Cerda Interview.
    2009 - Lisboa – Or Presentation.
    2009 - Interview La Voz de Galicia.
    2009 - Lecture in Delft.
    2009 - OAB Gallary.
  • 2008 - Pittsburgh-7th Annual David lewis Urban Design Lecture.
    2008 - Expo Zaragoza-Conference Landscape, Water & Sustainability.
    2008 - IFHP International Conference Liverpool.
    2008 - Lecture “Designing cities in the postindustrial context…” Univeristy of  Texas, School of Architecture.